In honour of the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Vladimir Vernadsky
International Scientific Conference
June 6 - 8, 2013



Conference Paper Guidelines

    The general order of the paper should be as follows:
  • UDC - Universal Decimal Classification (УДК) (text alignment - left).
  • BBK - Russian Library-Bibliographical Classification (ББК) (text alignment - left).
  • Paper Title (text alignment - center).
  • Surname and Initials (text alignment - center).
  • Institutional Affiliation (text alignment - center, font style - italic). If the authors work in different organizations, the institutional affiliation, for each author is indicated by a superscript number.
  • Blank line (The start of the main body of the paper should be separated from the information above by one blank line).
  • Main body of the paper (text alignment - justify).
  • List of references (The heading of the list of references: alignment - center, font style - italic)
Footnotes are to be numbered consecutively in accordance with Russian Interstate Standard (GOST).
Paper manuscript.
Full paper: 10 pages maximum. It is required that the papers be prepared on A4 page format. The top, bottom, left and right margins for all pages are 20 mm. The paper title font must be 14 pt. (bold type). The text font must be 14 pt. Line-spacing value - 1,5. Font type - "Times New Roman". Paragraph indentation - 0,75 cm.

Scanned figures should be black and white, figures are drawn in Microsoft Word should be grouped. All illustrations should have a number and a title; these should be placed in the main body of the text. Size of figure: width up to 11 cm., height up to 15 cm. (for poster presentation the size of the figures limited by А0 format). Equations should be typed using Microsoft Equation 3.0 editor; style - Math style. The main font type for equations - Times New Roman. The font size should be as follows: Full -14 pt.; Subscript / Superscript -8 pt.; Sub- Subscript / Superscript - 6 pt.; Symbol - 19 pt.; Sub-symbol - 12 pt. (for poster presentation - in accordance with the desire of the author).
Conference paper should be submitted as Microsoft Word 2003 format document and the name of the file should be as follows: "Surname of the First Author_First word of the Paper Title.doc". Pages should not be numbered. Text should not be automatically hyphenated.

Poster presentation should be submitted as JPG image and the name of the file should be as follows:

" name of the file.jpg", А0 format. Size of illustrations, font type and size, design of the poster presentation - in accordance with the desire of the author. Poster presentation JPG image must be large enough to be seen clearly when increasing size up to A0 format.
Limit on the number of papers is 3 papers per each author. Number of co-authors are not limited.

Paper Template

UDC 574
BBK О145
Features and design criteria for environmental strategy of the company
Ivanov А.А.1, Alshteyn К.2
1Yaroslavl State University (Yaroslavl, Russia),
2University of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)

Main body of the paper

Tarnavsky, A.G. Nature Management and Public (Social) Organizations: legal issues / A.G. Tarnavsky; Ed.О.S. Kolbasov; USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of State and Law. - М.: Science, 1990. - 320 p.
Petrov, А.N. Construction Economy/ А.N. Petrov, P.А. Solopov, N.N. Igrin. - 3rd ed. - М., Peterson, 1995. - 3 vols - Vol. 1.- 570 p.
Economy : textbook / edited by prof. Robova SA. - M.: "Znanie", 1997. - 370 p.

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